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Champion Platinum

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The Champion Platinum features the best performing components on the market so you can easily dominate the competition with high FPS and graphics quality!

CPU- Intel i9 14900K 24 Core

GPU- RTX 4090 ROG Strix OC

RAM- 48GB DDR5 7200CL34

SSD- 2TB Kingston KC3000 Gen4

Motherboard- Z790 ROG Strix E II

PSU- 1200w ATX 3 Gen 5 Gold

Case- Lian Li O11 Evo

Cooler- Lian Li Galahad Trinity LCD

Fans- 9x Lian Li Unifans

Cables- Lian Li Strimmer Plus V2 Motherboard/GPU combo

Bracket- PCIE Gen4 x16 Riser cable/GPU vertical mount

*Additional add-ons available*

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